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HANSI and similar formulas

Given that Mom is not eating or drinking anything (other than milk!), I think that homeopathy might give her the only fighting chance right now.

So, I am doing my research on all combination that have been shown to work, and I am taking Dr. Ramakrishnan's book with me...


There are actual proofs that Homeopathic medicines alleviate, reverse and kill cancer and can cure cancer cases.

Proof # 1 Article “International J. Oncology “ Vol. 23: 975,2003. Quote: RUTA (Homeopathic Ruta) induces severe telomere erosion in MGR1 brain cancer cells but has has no effect on B-lymphoid cells & normal lymphocytes. Preferential killing of glioma brain cancer cells by Ruta is apparently mediated through loss of telomeric DNA,followed by arrest of cells in G2/M phase, leading to cell death.
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Page 981

Proof # 2 HANSI, a homeopathic preparation from Argentina made from 10 or more ingredients.
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We have done tests on various homeopathic preparations, eliminated the ones that don’t work and have come up with a preparation similar to HANSI.
We have included homeopathic recommendations by Ramakrisnan from his book. Ramakrisnan is a homeopath from India who has gained knowledge and expertise from his years of practice with patients. This 11 ingredient Homeopathic Formula have done wonders for many cancer subjects including those cases where Chemotherapy, Surgery & Radiation have failed.

Below is the formula:
1. Diamond 2. Ruta graveolens 3. Echinacea purpura 4. Scutellaria baicalensis 5. Thuja 6. Conium maculatum 7. Arsenicum album 8. Aloe 9. Campthoteca acuminata 10. Feverfew 11. beta-carotene

Diamond The book “Gem Elixir & Vibrational Healing” provides information from Kevin Ryerson’s spirit guide John who states that Diamond – “removes the life force from most diseases. It removes energy patterns such as in diseases that block advancement of a person's life force. Diamond pushes toxins into the subtle bodies and ethers where they are ultimately transformed. The presence of diamond always amplifies the discharge of toxicity from the system. Also, diamond is specifically indicated for Brain tumors. “ Kevin Ryerson is a U.S. psychic who is compared to Edgar Cayce and whose interest is on info about healing. p. 99-100 Gem Elixir and Vibrational Healing, Vol. 1 by Gurudas

Ruta is the article above- Proof # 1. Ruta 6 treated brain cancer cells showed a drastic reduction of telomeric DNA compared with untreated cells. This article explains that Ruta works on the telomerase enzyme and kills brain cancer cells. This info is very important and significant because normal cells do not have the enzyme telomerase. Telomerase is what makes an abnormal cell turn into cancer because with telomerase, the cancer cell is able go into mitosis and live forever as long as it receives all the nutrients it needs for survival. Ruta should be administered as a strategy for all cancers because it will only affect cancers & not healthy cells!!!
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Scutellaria baicalensis cancers have abnormally high levels of VEGF-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor. VEGF works in 2 ways – it promotes angiogenesis which supplies blood to tumors and VEGF works against the immune system’s capacity to react with cancers in general. In advanced stages of cancer, there is too much VEGF, the immune system is totally unable to defend the host and death is inevitable.
Studies show that Scutellaria extract inhibits VEGF formation.
Article: VEGF impairs immune system & prevent immune attack at:

Echinacea this herb has not been used in the past for cancer because there was little was known about its active ingredients and how it works. However, a research article in J. National Cancer Inst. 1989, 81:669-75, found that Echinacea increased production of interferon. Interferon is a lymphokine produced by white blood cells and activates lymphocytes to attack microorganisms and cancers. It also makes cancer cells more vulnerable to apoptosis(programmed cell death). Homeopathic Echinacea would certainly increase the immune system’s efficiency to beat and kill cancers.

Beta-carotene The book " Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Michael Murray & J. Pizzorno p. 61,quote “ the production of special chemical factors (interferon, & interleukin II) which makes lymphocytes fight cancers, are increased in production by taking vitamins, minerals and beta carotene.",p. 61 “Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” by M. Murray.
Beta-carotene given after tumors had already developed greatly increased the rate at which the tumors regressed. . p. 38 “Cancer Therapy” by Ralph Moss.

Conium, Thuja and Arsenicum album these 3 ingredients have a history of use as anti-cancer fighters in their native form and the same is true when prepared into homeopathic medicines. All 3 are toxic, however are very safe when made into homeopathic solutions. Homeopathic doctor Ramakrisnan wrote in his book " A Homoeopathic approach to Cancer" that Conium, Thuja and Arsenicum are indicated in such a large number of cancer cases and he designated them as widespread cancer specifics. Our own tests using homeopathic preparations from these above have shown that they work very well and work in synergy against cancer.
Source: "A Homoeopathic Approach to Cancer” see Chapter 2 , by A. Ramakrisnan.

Aloe is one of the ingredients of the HANSI formula and contains emodin. Emodin belongs to a class of chemicals called anthraquinones; Anthraquinone and its derivatives have shown anticancer activities against a wide range of cancers and malignancies.

Camptotheca acuminata belongs to Traditional Chinese herbs and is a versatile anticancer agent because its effectivity covers the widest range for various cancers and most types of cancer. Camptotheca is recognized by modern medicine, it’s derivatives Irinotecan and Topotecan is now undergoing tests in laboratories all over the world. Its effectivity includes cancers of Breast, Prostate, Pancreas, Ovarian, Skin, Liver, Stomach, Lung, Brain, and Head & neck cancer, as wel las a wide variety of blood magnancies that include Leukemia, Myeloma, and Lymphoma. Camptothecas is also active against Sarcoma which covers Bone, Blood vessels, Nerves, Muscles, Fat and connective tissue. Camptothecin is insoluble in water and alcohol, however, this is not a problem when prepared as homeopathic remedy.

Feverfew Cancers subjected to drugs /herbs are still able to prevent apoptosis (programmed cell death) by producing NF-kB. Feverfew’s parthenolide reverses NF-kB and makes cancers vulnerable to apoptosis and kills the cancer. This makes Feverfew an important ingredient for all cancers.
For more info on this article, please view: +NF-kB++19,+4159++&hl=en&gl=ca&ct=clnk&cd=1

Homeopathic medicines are safe and contain no toxic matter.
Homeopathic medicine works as energy medicine - the remedy carries the energy and vibration of the original substance from which it was prepared and that energy is able to reverse the processes associated with cancer and heal the disease.

Also Homeopathic remedies do not need belief to work. One simply has to ingest the remedy and the effects will reverse the cancer and make the person a believer.

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