Monday, March 18, 2013

Earth got emptier without you... / Опустела без тебя земля...

I did finish my mom's song translation. On February 13th.

Earth got emptier without you,
How can it be just another day?
But the sparrows in the dark sky flew,
And the leaves were falling just the same...
Yet without you the Earth
Was so alone,
And you,
You are far
And to you
All the stars
Are now giving
Their love.

Earth was just as cold without you
As it was without Exupery...
Just the same the sparrows flew,
And with them he one night flew away
And the Earth was then so... alone
And he, he was far,
And to him
All the stars
Were giving
Their love

Earth got emptier without you...
If you can, then please come back again....

To my friend Polo...

The years cannot not age the heart –
The breath of time we should not fear.
With loved ones we will never part –
It’s just that that they will not be near.